Angelica Ray

About .

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Blue

Age: 29

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135

Build: Muscular, Athletic, and Slim with a tight round rump

Dimensions: 34C, 28 in pants, size 4-6 in dresses

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/pansexual

Education: Bachelors Degree and Assorted Certifications

Dancing, ceramics, herbalism, hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, hot yoga, reading, traveling, cooking and baking, swimming in natural water, farming, snuggling with my yellow lab pup, spending one on one quality time with close friends and loved ones, and long engaging conversations.

Visuals .

Enjoy this selection of photos from my latest shoots!

Experience .

I will always meet you where you are at, I will give you exactly what you need during our time together (I'm so thoughtful and intuitive you wont even have to ask). I have strong but smooth hands that can massage the tension from your body, I have amazing taste in food and art, I have a sense of humor that will keep you laughing all night and I have a wild and insatiable desire for seduction.

What I offer is a holistic experience that travels many different emotional, physical and erotic realms. There are endless opportunities for our encounters and the shape each one takes can look vastly different depending on our needs and desires in each moment.

Many people have told me throughout these years that I have a healing touch, a grounding spirit that makes them feel safe and yet a wild exciting demeanor that stirs joy deep inside of them. I specialize in healing Tantric massage and you can inquire in email for more details on this. I want to experience all that life has to offer with you—whether we are laughing over a shared meal at a new exciting restaurant in town, driving through the mountains on a sunny day with our favorite music playing, or cozying up by the fireside sharing intimate conversation and a glass of scotch. Life is intoxicating, let's enjoy it together!


Social meet up (coffee or a drink out!) ... $400/hr

1 hour (only a taste of where things can go) ... $700

2 hour (intimate escape) ... $1400

3 hour (relaxing intoxications) ... $2000

4 hour (Wine and dine me and then...) ... $2600

6 hours (daytime adventures) ... $3600

15 hour (overnight experience) ... $6000

24 hour (journey around the sun) ... $7500

Friday-Sunday (A weekend spent together) ... $10500

Longer vacations are available upon request - the weekend consideration plus $3000/day

Fly Me To You is available upon request! 50% deposit required to ensure booking and I request bookings be made at least 72 hours prior to any flight. East Coast US minimum 4 hour session, mid to west coast US minimum 6 hour session, and international minimum 48 hour session.

**For 4 hour dates I ask that you bring snacks and or drinks for us to share and dates 6 hours or longer I require a public outing and/or meals every 4-6 hours. For overnight encounters I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.**

**Screening and a 20% deposit sent at the time of booking is required to secure our time together**

Menage a Trois

I love women, as do you I am sure! Duos with beautiful women are not only accepted but immensely enjoyed! My absolute favorite duo partner in the Asheville area is the gorgeous Juliet Sinclair. You can enter her world at

I am more then happy to meet new beautiful women, if you have a favorite partner you would like me to meet and spend time all together then please send me their profiles/platforms over email!

Etiquette .

All considerations listed in my Experience page are for time and companionship only. Anything that occurs beyond that is between two consenting adults.

Offerings (Outcall)
Please have the unsealed envelope with my tribute enclosed placed visibly on a counter or in the bathroom prior to my arrival.

Offerings (Incall)
I request my tribute envelope be placed on a visible surface shortly after your arrival.

Cancellation Policy
I respect and honor your time and the busy schedules you find yourself in and I ask that you do the same for me! I understand there are always unforeseen circumstances that you may find yourself in so any dates cancelled within 24 hours of our meeting may transfer their deposit to another date for the next 6 months. Any cancellations after the 24 hour time frame of our meeting I will require another deposit to reschedule future dates.

Wishlist .

I love lingerie and I love wearing it for you even more! However other gifts such as spa visits and gift cards to my favorite restaurants and outdoor adventure shops mean the most to me! Here are my measurements for reference!

Bra: 34C
Waist: 29”
Hips: 38”
Dress: US 8
Panties: Small thongs, Medium in fullback style
Heels: US size 8 women’s
Shoes: US 8.5, EU 39, UK 6.5

Here are a list of my favorite Lingerie shops! Solstice Intimates, Thistle and Spire, La Perla, Honey Birdette, Wildfire Undies, and Lovechild Boudoir

Other gifts that mean the world to me include: A sponsored spa visit to the Sauna House Healing Center in Asheville NC, gift card to REI, gift card to PrAna, the Moss Mini Skirt from in Small, The Slingshot tank from in small, and anything in black or red mesh or velvet from Solstice Intimates in size small! 

Bookings .

I feel honored that you want to share time, experiences and escape with me! My preference is always the longer the date the better, especially as we are getting to know each other! I want to take the time to really sink deep with one another and figure out how we can best meet each others needs.

My screening process is an important aspect of us feeling safe together. Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to me, any information you give to me for screening will be for my eyes only as I verify your documents and then everything you send me will be deleted upon verification. I appreciate you trusting me with your safety as I am trusting you with my own. Let us create a safe and secure container for each other to experience the most joy and pleasure together as possible!

I offer several different screening methods that you can provide me with:

1) Two or more references from other reputable companions seen within the last 12 months (with links to their ads or websites), as well as your full name and phone number, OR;

2) 2 different pictures of your photo identification (License, passport, LinkedIn, or work badge all suffice) You may blank out any sensitive information as long as your photo and full name are clear. If you send a linkedIn profile you must be a premium member and I will message you from LinkedIn to confirm your account.

Returning dates please email me to set up another adventure!

**I will never call the number you provide unless previously arranged. Email is my main source of contact. Like I said before I take privacy very seriously! 

I ask that all my dates be respectful and courteous of my boundaries, as I will be of yours! If for some reason you decide to step over any of my clearly stated boundaries or push them I have the right to terminate the date immediately without a refund. The kinder and more respectful you are of me the more we can both relax and enjoy our time to the fullest!

Contact Me

Please fill out and complete the entire booking form below or email me at with your full name, the requested date, time, duration and location of meeting as well as your screening information.

I am so very glad you found me and I cannot wait to hear from you!

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Calendar .

Keep a watch on this page for my upcoming tours and latest availability!

Upcoming Tours:
Las Angeles CA and Ventura County areas June 6th-16th - Email me for more details or fill out my booking form!